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Make Haste?

One of our dear teacher friends has been back in China serving a shorter term project and sparked an idea on her blog about haste that I would like to share.

So what is the meaning of “haste”? I tend to think of it in a positive connotation. I think of Boaz, who Naomi predicted would set things up with Ruth “this very day” and I think about how the book of Mark is written with “immediately” littered everywhere. So this haste concept is something deeper than mere speed or timing. It must be in Saul who could not wait for Samuel to perform the sacrifice, in Peter getting nearly everybody killed by lopping off an ear of all things. “Let’s not be too hasty, ‘Peter!’l Its an impatience that promotes carelessness and is probably driven by uncertainty. Haste is the twisted sister of procrastination.

Keep building on the cornerstone and you’ll have a good time!

Luke B. Siler

Silerquest Returns!

When we set out for China, we knew that we wanted to keep a blog so that our friends and family could get a sense of what we were experiencing on the far side of the world. I chose the name “silerquest” thinking it was generic enough for us to both use and to continue to use even after our adventures in China had passed.

And passed they have—by nearly four months! So, what now?

Now it’s a little harder to know what to share. Everything was new and interesting and different, and now things are just interesting, but less objectively so. It will take a different kind of thinking. If you’ve been kind enough to follow us this long, and have even caught yourself wondering how we’ve adjusted these last few months, we hope that future posts will continue to nurture the small bond between us and brighten your day.

The big news is that Luke is teaching English at a public high school! It is a lot of work and very challenging, but he loves it and feels he is in the right place at the right time. Shannon is bravely taking on the task of substitute teaching. So far, she loves it and is rediscovering her heart for kids of all sizes. We’ve also been blessed with a Chinese roommate who is living with us for a semester while she attends a local college. It’s these kind of situations that make it hard to believe in chance. Her name is Rasha, and things have been going great.

More thoughts and details to come. Thanks for sticking with us!

The “next week” emotions

It occurred to me yesterday morning that I said out loud, “We’ll be home next Friday.” Could that really be true? Many of you reading this are maybe just as shocked as me or your more ecstatic. I am super excited to be back, but what started clicking in my mind was the fact we won’t be here in Langfang. No words really, just some tears.

The most interesting emotion has been the closer we approach our departure date, the more it feels like home here. I do think of many things being back in Dover (and America): family dinners, hugging our dog, Chick-fil-a, Chiptole, being with our like-minded family on Sunday mornings, singing and more. But it just feels weird to not come back to our little apartment, ride on the back of Luke’s bike, walk up three or four flights of stairs to class, have my fruit, vegetables and eggs weighed before I get to the cashier, walk across the road in the middle of traffic, get on a train to Beijing and so many more habits.

The weirdest feeling, that I didn’t think I would have, is we won’t be in class with these wonderful students. Some of them even tell us how great it’s been to “grow up together these past two years.” With each student hangout and dinner we have more joy-sorrow. A recent funny time I became emotional was during my movie final exam. I was proud of them answering a forty-eight multiple choice test plus a few short answers. I just stared, and admired them knowing how much I’ll miss them.

They will definitely be in our hearts, in our memories, in thousands of pictures on our computer, and in many conversations back home. We are not just bringing ourselves, luggage, and gifts home, we’re bringing a new life filled with Chinese wonder and love for which we are excited to share more with you in person!

The last and Best Club!

“This was the best English Club I have ever had!”

–Shannon Siler

“It was like the emotional impact of a whole English week in one night!”

–Luke Siler

“I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob”

–Larry the Cucumber

It was a night when everything went right and we’d learned a lot from our previous clubs. We were super pumped because it was our last one and we had guests! We also pushed back the start time and made sure we did a run through the day before. We also put our best efforts into promoting the event. I hung some posters (even in the bathroom); I mean there are many girls that go in and out of there. The work paid off and this time there were few conflicts with student schedules. We heard many students tell us they were coming, so we expected a decent crowd. Some were even there before we were, 30 minutes early and they steadily continued to come. One of the best mental pictures I have is when we were having a lifting up time, eyes open, to see students keep coming up the stairs. We believe there were at least 200 students! It was jammed packed, no seats left!

During our mixer, it felt like a wrestling match/stadium. We played Finger Jousting. Partners had to try and poke the other with their hands held together. Students got really into trying to win and the audience was in an uproar shouting for winners.

The laughter and excitement just kept increasing. Luke and Jaime had been doing a run-on skit about training for a race. This club they had something a little extra to show. The three of us made a short video of them running around our campus doing silly things. I didn’t think the students could get any louder than when watching that video. They were hysterical. It was a big hit!

We were supported with our great friends Jess and Nikki. They most help us with a hilarious skit, Pass it down to Lulu. For those of you who don’t know, a couple (Luke and I) go out on a date, but there are no seats together. He tries to pass down candy, popcorn, a drink, an arm around the shoulder and even a kiss. It ends with the girl NOT passing back a kiss, but a slap on the face and leaving with another guy. (In our skit, Jaime so kindly played that role, wearing a sign that said “boy” for clarification to the students.) The students made it easy for me to perform my role of staring ahead to watch “the movie.” It was great to for me to see the enormous crowd surrounding us; some standing on the chairs so they had a good view, others with their cell phones out taking pictures and video. I was loving their smiles of laughter.

The night closed with Jaime speaking about Hope. She really did an amazing job. She had the students think about what they put their hope in and what happens if it is taken away. It led to great discussions just after club, and we trust there will be more conversations in these last days over meals and hangouts.

Club wasn’t quite over yet. We sang, My Heart Will Go On, one of China’s favorites. Jaime surprised us by dedicating the performance to Luke and I. It was a moving tribute.

Well, when you combine those two things, there were many tears from students. I was greeted at the end of the night with great hugs expressing their sadness for us leaving. It was unexpected, yet an honor; a great way to remember our last Club together. Thank you Father!

28 Days

Luke here: We will be back in the U.S.A before you know it. Between now and then, there is just enough time to make or break a habit, or survive a zombie apocalypse. Best of luck to you! We’d like to fill you in on where we’ve been and where we’re going.

We anticipate finishing strong! This countdown has created in us a sense of urgency that we believe will make our final month in China one of the best. At the same time, being faced with such a huge transition from our life in China back to America is emotionally daunting. Can’t wait to go home; don’t want to leave. It may even be harder on our students who hold us in such high regard despite our best efforts to the contrary. I think for them it will feel like the end of Mary Poppins after the wind changes and she takes off again. Come to think of it, I hope it is exactly like the ending from Mary Poppins: she leaves because the relationships that were broken are now restored, and she isn’t needed anymore.

Here is Shannon with some highlights from the last few weeks:

· English Club: Started with a draw of Ninja, Cowboy, Bear. We did this mixer game last year and it was a big hit! The students did a great job impersonating these figures, however there were many re-do’s as they held up the same action. Jaime and Luke continued their skit of Jaime’s training where this time we had students help. They attempted to pull another’s arm off of their head (it would take about three paragraphs to explain what this means) and ate as many Marshmallows as they could (Chubby Bunny) to the song Roxanne. One of the boys ate every marshmallow; the other quit trying after two; two girls ate slow and the last group had to spit it out. One of the best parts this night was teaching them a new song, The Hop. An old classic 50’s song, but the students got into it and picked up the tune quick. Luke completed the evening talking about character. He gave great examples and some challenging questions.

· Taco Night: I invited Alice over for some tacos. I surprised myself that we have been in China for almost two years and I never shared tacos with her before. It, of course, was a good time watching her enjoy a new Western food. She liked the taco meat and tortilla chips, but she did pass on the cheese. I guess you must be American to enjoy cheese. The next best thing at the table was the discussion of her cute shirt. She was wearing a t-shirt with a heart that had headphones on it, like ears. The string of the headphones continued to the bottom into script writing of Listen to your Heart. I told Alice I really liked her shirt because I liked the phrase. She replied with “oh thank you, I bought it but I don’t know what it says.” Words cannot express her reaction as she put together the words, the picture and the meaning. She was in great surprise with an “OH! I like it very much.”

· Movie Nights: Luke invited some guys over, so I decided to plan a movie at one of the girl’s dorm. Luke watched The Sixth Sense and I watched 27 Dresses, because for some reason Finding Nemo wouldn’t play on their Chinese computer. Luke was especially thrilled to watch The Sixth Sense again with people who hadn’t ready seen it. Simple, fun.

· Graduation Pictures: Our dear friend Lynn is graduating! She was my Chinese tutor last year. In China, there is not a big graduation ceremony. Instead, the students rent a cap and gown from a local store and invite friends(because they’re the closest) to take pictures with them around the campus. Then sometime in June they will take class pictures and receive their certificate. We were honored that Lynn asked us to take pictures with her!

Luke again:

So there you have it, or at least some snap shots with literal ones to follow. Time is moving. We’ll write more soon!